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"Stop Blaming Bloggers, There Is Nothing Like Bad Publicity" - Gambo To Musicians (VIDEOS)

Fast rising Ghanaian Musician, Gambo has hit hard on fellow Artists to stop blaming bloggers for their mistakes since there is nothing like bad publicity.

According to him, although bloggers seek to gain lots of traffic on their sites, he doubts they will just cook up stories to tarnish images or reputations.

Speaking at the launch of his latest banger, 'Boys Aye Wild', he said "Stop blaming bloggers, there is nothing like bad publicity"

"For me, I was doing music for some time but I came into the industry very hard last year February and people didn't notice. I had a scandal and that blew me up"

He added that most music lovers thought he (Gambo) would quit music, however he rode on the scandal and is still in the business.

He charged other Artiste to shy away from trouble adding that will prevent bloggers from riding on that to not only generate traffic and revenue but also bad publicity.

Touching on his new release, Gambo explained that the 'Boys Ay3 Wild' banger iis to motivate young guys to hustle and make money to avoid losing their partners to others.

He said "Boys ay3 wild. If you don't hustle and take care of your woman, someone else will take her"

"The Christmas is almost here and there are lots of guys coming to the country from Europe. They went to hustle there and have decided to come home and chill. If you lose guard, you might lose your girl to any of them" he added.

The young energetic Artiste also revealed that he spent GHc50,000 to shoot the 'Boys Ay3 Wild' music video.

" For the video, it wasn't as much as 'Drip'. I would say GHc50K. As an Artiste, if you want the best, you have to spend. If you don't spend to get the best, how can you brag about your work"

Gambo told Journalists that he has a good relationship with SM Boss, Shattawale.

He hinted that, he is working on a project with the SM King of which fans willl be updated soon.

Young Gambo told that he has no competitor in the industry stressing that no one can copy his style.

He thanked his management, media and fans for the love and support showed him.

Watch the videos below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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