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Spotlight On Fella, Moesha And Hajia Bintu, Who Amongst Them Rocked It Better In 2020

In 2020, Fella Makafui, Hajia Bintu and Moesha Budong were the talk of the town.

The three beautiful ladies came under the spotlight for various reasons.

While some followers were hailing and praising some, others were jabbed and making fun of the celebrities.

Their way of life and dressing has become the order of the day as critics, bloggers and some scores of social media users are waiting for the opportunity to either make a mockery, tease or troll them for the wrong reasons.

The three beautiful ladies seized every opportunity in 2020 to either nail/kill it or get all the attention leaving them to be topics for discussion.

They however won the hearts of some Ghanaians.

Between Fella, Moesha, and Hajia Bintu, who amongst them rocked it better In 2020?

See pictures below:

Story by: Mandy Adwoa Woods



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