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Social Media Users Share Bitter Experiences As #BrokenHeart Trends On Twitter

Some scores of social media users have taken to their various handle(s) to share their bitter experiences as #BrokenHeart trends on Twitter.

In series of tweets sighted by Thinknews Online, some say the #brokenheart they expperience was the worse thing ever while others say they truly deserved it.

On Twitter, HumBle SoUL @HumbleSoulGh tweeted "What some legon girl take do my roommate bi err bro.... Sedinam dey fi bed den tinup like 2am den he Dey drum plus the girl ein name Herh. You shout am norr den he shun the fall back to sleep #brokenheart"

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Aquacy Lavezy @Wasark_Lavezy added "Today is my six years anniversary #brokenheart"

DR. @Dr_Action_Boi also mentioned "Herr I remember when I got broken heart,I told the elders of my church to pray for me because I'm going through a lot. They asked me saa buh I couldn't explain. All I could say is pray for me and I left #brokenheart"

Hwe fum Glass Nkoaaa @the_eye_of_Gods said "can we jxt start this year without breaking peoples hearts,if u think u love her jxt go in 4 her if u think u luv him jxt tell him there is nothing like being shy of ur feelings,this brokenheart shit is too childish,we are in 2021 no more games...#brokenheart"

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Son of Man @PKE_Me noted "Her:I won't be able to come over on Sunday. I'll go for Prayer meeting Me: #Brokenheart"

Raskelly GH @RaskellGH noted "The pain for dating one lady and later finds out that she's a lady of the people, by the people and for the people. So HEARTBREAKING #DEMOCRACY GIRLFRIEND #brokenheart #ValsdayStory#valentinesday2021

The #brokenheart trend comes in the wake of Valentine day, a day set aside for lovers to show love to their partners.

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However, some say while a few will be marking the event with their partners, others will be receiving heart brreaking messages from their cherished ones.

What's your worse #brokenheart experience and did you get yours on Valentine day?

See embed tweets below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith