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Social Media Users React To President Akufo-Addo's 26th Covid Update

Some scores of social media users have shared mixed reactions to President Akufo-Addo's 28th Covid-19 address to the nation.

In series of tweets captioned by, Kobby Founda (@Founda_) tweeted "Nana Addo say no social gatherings? Man just put a stop to the “FixTheCountry” protest effortlessly, nbs Thomas Tuchel tactics oo."

Kobby Founda (@Founda_) again added "Nana Addo dey come manufacture COVID-19 vaccine? Naaa the way the country hard make he share the money he go use do the vaccine den take ma own gimme, ago deal with Covid physically."

Nsawam Michael Scofield (@OkwasiaBiNti) said "Nana Addo please open boarders"

BerlaMundiBa (@ImEfiaMenish1) tweeted "Is Nana Addo aware ghanaians have moved on? Or make we tell him?"

FreeMinder Babe (@FreeMinderBae) said "Fellow Ghanaians Nana Addo couldn't follow covid protocol at Sir John funeral but he wants me to follow covid protocols #FixTheCountryNow"

#JDMahama2024 (@CitizenTechiman) tweeted "I felt this was a grand opportunity for Nana Addo to apologise for the super spreader event he spear headed as a special guest! ( Sir John funeral ) Follow Ghanaians President Akufo Addo Government has failed in this COVID -19 fight! Period!"

Below are some embed tweets:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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