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Social Media Users Obeserve 'No Nra Day' On Twitter (Screenshots)

Some scores of social media users have taken to their Titter handles to mark this year's 'No Bra Day'.

The 'No Bra Day' is a day set aside in the month of October for women to free the boobs as part of the fight against breast cancer.

In series of Tweets sighted by, comedian, SDK tweeted "In breast we thrust #NoBraDay"

Monitoring Spirit also tweeted "I know you probably won’t retweet this because what you’re looking for is not in it, but this is the true essence of #NoBraDay . Strong women 🙏🏽"

Npokua tweeted "Shata #NoBraDay #TBT 🔥🥰 Thread"

Kalyjay also added "Since you are now here I'll advise you to educate everyone around you about the dangers of Breast Cancer and encourage regular screening. Breast cancer can affect both male and female. Get screened and be safe. Happy #NoBraDay ❤️"

Mallam Obama tweeted "#NoBraDay

May God continue to protect every woman out dere 🙏🙏;"

@bnj111l also tweeted "Happy #NoBraDay🎉👏👏🤗"

See screenshots below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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