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Shatta Wale eyes Presidential ambition, cites leadership potential and national unity

Renowned Dancehall Artist, Shatta Wale has expressed a bold vision for his future, revealing his readiness to transition from music to politics.

In a recent interview shared on TikTok, the artist disclosed that he has been encouraged by his father and other influential figures to consider a presidential bid, recognizing his leadership qualities and potential to drive national development.

“I am so confident and know the guidelines of how to really run a movement,” Shatta Wale stated.

He emphasized that his long-held dream is to help change Ghana for the better, urging Ghanaians to support and encourage his political aspirations.

The dancehall star, known for his energetic performances and hit songs, believes that with the right support, he can leave behind his music career and successfully navigate the political landscape.

“Politics is not about you coming to speak big grammar. Ghana is not a big grammar country; we speak local languages,” Shatta Wale noted, stressing his commitment to a relatable and inclusive political approach.

Shatta Wale’s vision for Ghana centers on uniting the youth and fostering a collective effort to build the nation.

His declaration has sparked conversations across social media, with many fans and political commentators weighing in on the feasibility and potential impact of his candidacy.

As Shatta Wale continues to entertain with his music, his new political ambition adds a compelling twist to his public persona, leaving many to wonder if the dancehall king will indeed become Ghana’s next political leader.

Story by: Sarah-Joyce Komenan



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