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"Shatta Wale expected us to respond his feud with Kweku Smoke" – Addi Self discloses cause of SM Militants fall out

Addi Self, a former member of Shatta Movement’s Militant Group, has recently disclosed the actual events which led to the breakup of the SM Militant.

Speaking in an interview with Felli and KMJ on Accra-based Joy Prime, Addi made known that Shatta Wale had expected the militants to come to his defense when he had an argument with his colleague, Kweku Smoke over an alleged stolen track.

 Addi, who is a Musician himself further narrated that the militants did not give in to Shatta Wale’s request which caused their dismissal and subsequent collapse of the Militants Group.

”One time, there was this artiste who came to the camp, Kweku Smoke. He was cool with Shatta. When he came to the camp, we were also there, but I had never seen Kweku Smoke or known him. So, when he came around, he was doing stuff with Shatta, which I saw online because I wasn’t always there. Two months later, Kweku Smoke came on live video, saying Shatta has stolen his song,” he said.

Addi Self said upon spotting the video on social media, he inquired from his then boss, Shatta to find out the real issue. According to him, the ‘My level’ hitmaker got upset and asked why the militants did not come to his defense and allowed him to respond to Kweku Smoke himself.

“So I saw the live video and went to him and Shatta Wale was like I had to go live and tell the boy my mind. I was like, 1 Don you know, I don’t know this boy; when he came here, nobody introduced him to be part of us, so I don’t want to be involved in that. My boss vexed from there. So, that was how it all started. When Kweku Smoke came, he was expecting us to insult him back,” he added.

According to Addi Self, few days after the dramatic event Shatta Wale begun ignoring the Militants and eventually dismissed them publicly.

The breakup, he said affected his music career because he missed a few collaborations and friends due to the turnout of events.

He further mentioned that despite these happenings, has no grudge against Shatta Wale and is focused on improving his music career.

Addi Self implied that he is not willing to return to Wale’s camp but would “rather watch and support from afar than be close and controlled.”

Credit: Ameyaw Debrah



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