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"Shatta Wale And I Are Two Different Individuals" - Medikal

Ghanaian musicians, Shatta Wale and Medikal, whose friendship dates back before going the extra mile to tattoo their names on each other's bodies in 2021, embarked on a Deeper Than Blood (DTB) tour in the United States of America. This left many Ghanaians to say the artistes have become a duo. Speaking on YFM, Medikal debunked this assumption and described the SM boss as his brother. He stated that they are two individual artistes who decided to band together to work on something special. “We’re working on a cooperative project, and Shatta is like my brother, my blood. We wanted to do something new, and in the Ghanaian music industry, it’s usually just individuals that release albums, so we decided to band together and do something special, combining our talents and bringing something beautiful to the table," he said. “We felt compelled to go on a project tour in order to disseminate the word,” Medikal said while talking to Rev. Erskine. Medikal, however, after making clear the relationship he has with Shatta Wale also touched on what their fans did when they visited the United States of America for their DTB Tour. According to the ‘Stubborn Academy’ crooner, they received so much love which was surreal in different states they visited. “It was fantastic. When I meet my fans and those that support my music, it’s always a pleasure. So, there was a mood, and it was lovely. It was great to be on the road with Shatta Wale. We were having a good time together,” he stated.



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