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Saucy Whatsapp Group Marks Its 3rd Anniversary

Being an avenue for networking, building new contacts, releasing stress, and meeting life partners, Saucy, a Whatsapp group in Ghana has marked its 3rd Anniversary.

Formed in April 2018 with about 50 people, the social media platform has given hope to lots of people who were going through various challenges in life.

The group has brought under one umbrella people from the health, media, sports, entertainment, business, education, photography, military, immigration, mines among others.

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Despite its challenges, the leadership of the group and some loyal members stood their ground and held high the platform when things started clamping.

Although it has also seen some members exiting due to personal among others reasons, their replacements have added a new twist to the affairs of the group.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Saucy Whatsapp Group, Angela Abena Nketiah explains that although she sometimes wishes to collapse the platform, the generosity and love exhibited by members to others in need always gives her a second thought.

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"Sometimes, I feel like collapsing the group. Today, you will hear this, tomorrow that. It comes to a time that I blame myself for all that is happening because if I did not create this platform, all these will not have happened however, there are always good people out and that motivates me to keep the group"

Reacting to members dating each other platform, she said "As for me, I will not deny that some members are not dating each other. We are adults and we know what is right from wrong. I feel it will be better to make clear your intentions to someone than deceiving him or her just to get into their pants"

She lauded members for coming to the aid of others adding that he who gives, will always receive.

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Chairman of the group, Isaac Amoako appealed to members of the group to bury their differences as the group celebrates its 3rd Anniversary.

He said "I know many are at loggerheads with others due to personal stuff both off and on the page of which some of us know but I want all of us to learn to forgive and bury our individual differences. I know it will be difficult but let's try and together live as a happy family.

He charged the members to remain vigilant stressing that not all persons who laugh have good intentions.

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The Leadership of the group says as part of its 3rd Anniversary, it will be storming the 'Eye Of The Lord Orphanage Home' at Nsawam and celebrate with the needy children.

It added that it will climax the celebration at Madusa Pub in Accra.

Some members of the group who spoke on Anonymity lauded the CEO and Executives of the group for standing on their groups and saving the group from collapsing.

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They however advised the CEO and Executives to properly scrutinize new members before adding them to the platform.

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Credit: Joshua Kwabena Smith