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“Reviewing The 1992 Constitution Will Compel Presidents To Pay Taxes On Salaries/Emolument"-Anyidoho

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Atta Mills Institute (AMI), Koku Anyidoho is calling for the review of the 1992 Constitution which he believes will compel a sitting President to pay tax on all salaries and emoluments.

According to Mr. Anyidoho, this when done will set a good example and urge the citizenry to also pay their taxes.

Addressing Journalists at a media briefing on 9 years on; entrenching a solid legacy to build a better Ghana, he said “Some nine years ago, Late President Mills had a vision. He foresaw that the need to review the 1992 Constitution but after his demise, nothing was heard of it again. As an Institution, we have decided to bring this thing back and let Ghanaians begin to look through, accept and understand that the late Head of State left something behind which needs to be attended to”

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Further explaining the need to review the constitution, he said “Government accepts the recommendation of the CRC that the President should pay tax on all his salary and emoluments as an example to the rest of the country. This will also be a reflection of the principle of equality before the law and in accordance with the rule of law”

“As it is now, the 1992 Constitution does not permit the President to pay taxes on anything yet we always cry that why are we always paying tax, so this review commission said no, for fairness, the President should also pay tax just as the citizenry”

The Former Aide also revealed that his former boss was ever prepared to allow the recommendations to become the law of which he was ready to set the pace by paying tax as the First Gentleman of the land.

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He further hinted that Late President Mills was prepared to curtail his pleasures for the sake of the country.

Mr. Anyidoho, however, noted that in entrenching a solid legacy, the Atta Mills Institute is seeking to push the agenda which Late President Mills began 9 years ago.

“As an Institute, looking at Civic Education and Public Policy Advocacy, we want you and the nation to know some of the things that are here. One of the recommendations was on the politicization of things”

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“Government accepts the recommendation that the directive principle of State Policy should be amended to include a position that enjoins Government to take measures to deal with the rising kind of politicization of every aspect of national life and ethnicity within the Ghanaian populace”

Mr. Anyidoho was of the view that his outfit is yet to approach President Akufo-Addo and plead with him to have a second look at the white paper.

He was confident that once Parliament assesses the white paper, it will call for its amendment.

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“So, if the people have agreed and our Parliamentarians are our representatives then the ball lies in their court. What are they doing about this document? Because if we had looked at this constitution, we won’t still be at the junction and fighting over whether or not the 1st and 2nd Lady ought to be paid salaries or allowances”

Watch the video and picture below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith