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Rev. Opambour Drops More Mind-Blowing Secretes On Slay Queen Ama Broni's Death (VIDEO)

The death of popular Slay Queen Ama Broni is one thing that has generated a lot of reactions on social media.

Instead of enjoying all the buzz whiles, she was alive,  Ama Broni rather became an internet sensation after her infamous demise which has been described and labeled by a lot of netizens as a “stupid death”. 

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Some people are of the view that she will also be brutally whipped and punished by “Hades” locally known as “Smoky” for traveling into the land of the dead on such a disgusting note if everything that is being speculated about her death is true.

Rumors surrounding Ama Broni’s death are countless and can be compared to pubic hairs. Whiles some believe she died as a result of excess fingering from either one of her partners, others have also speculated in their footnotes that the hardcore slay queen died after she mysteriously got electrocuted.

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The leader and founder of Ebenezer Miracle Center; Prophet Ebenezer Yiadom popularly known as Opambour amidst the numerous rumors submitted that Ama Broni was from the marine world.

According to the popular man of God, the death of Ama Broni shouldn’t be a shock to the masses because she had completed the task “Maame Water” had assigned her to do on earth and that it was time for her to sign out.

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The controversial and outspoken man of God added that Ama Broni’s death should be a classic deterrent to the youths who engage in all sorts of ill-famed lifestyles just so that they can get to the top in life.

As counseled by Opambour, the youths should seek salvation and start serving God diligently before it’s too late for them since there is a reward for everyone in whatsoever they do.

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As it stands, one can only wish that her soul rests in peace.

Watch the last video of Ama Broni before she died:

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