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"Reopening Of Cinemas Is Under Constant Review By Covid-19 Task Force" – Akufo-Addo

Every filmmaker's dream is to see their end product on the big screen, unfortunately, due to Covid-19, those dreams were shut down.

Just like their dreams were shut down so were the cinema doors. For over a year, dreams were shattered, people were left jobless, the lights were off, the cameras packed and there was certainly no action.

But then things started to get better. Churches were open, schools were in session and open-air pubs were starting to turn up the music.

With all these and more open, the doors to the movie theatres were still shut.

Many filmmakers expressed their dissatisfaction about this, in October 2020, the National Film Authority – Action Group, petitioned President Akufo-Addo through the tourism Ministry to open the cinemas.

Recently in April 2021, Producer/Actor Yvonne Nelson joined the calls for cinemas to reopen. She posted an image on her Instagram page with the words “OPEN OUR CINEMAS” written boldly in red.

Well, at the official launch of The Presidential Film Pitch Series, President Akufo-Addo assured players in the industry the doors to the theatres will open soon, “I want to proclaim on a matter of great concern that the opening of cinemas is under constant review of the COVID-19 taskforce. And hopefully, you’ll hear from the task force soon,” he said.

Although the near future looks uncertain for the home of the big screen, the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Mohammed Awal wants to do all he can to resource the arts industry firstly through the Presidential Film Pitch Series, “We want to help produce 200 Ghanaian movies every year and that will generate 40,000 jobs from the film sector alone,” he said.

Movie fanatics and lovers just like me can’t wait for all these promises to be fulfilled and once the Covid-19 task force gives the go-ahead, we will be the first in line to buy tickets at our nearest theatres, get our popcorns, and wait patiently in line for that moment…..when the lights go off and the dreams of filmmakers come alive on the big screen.

Until then we can only rely on streaming services in the comfort of our homes which frankly do not give you the same atmosphere and experience as theatres.




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