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RELATIONSHIP: "I Knew What To Do To Get Revenge After My Best Friend Slept With My Fiancé" - (VIDEO)

A woman discovered that her best friend had slept with her fiancé, so she decided to get revenge in the most creative way she could. The scorned bride to be was devastated after finding out her lover had been disloyal and even more gutted when she discovered the other woman was her best friend. So, she turned to famous TikTok jeweller Liv Portillo, and asked her to make a specially engraved necklace with a sassy message from the heart, as the Daily Star reports.

The nice golden necklace was engraved with the message 'have my leftovers', and a snake charm was then attached to make sure the other woman got the message. In a viral clip, the jeweller shares the message she was sent by the scorned woman. It reads: "Just found out my fiancé cheated on me with my best friend. Her birthday is on July 11 and I am going to give this to her in front of everyone. I used his card, don't worry.” In the video, which now has 1.2 million views and over 198,000 likes, Liv engraves the best friend's name on the front of the necklace.

TikTok users quickly fled to the comments to share their opinions on the relationship drama. One user commented: “Damn I wish we could see her reaction.”

Another user added: “ I would give anything to be a fly on a wall when she gives them that necklace.” However, a third user felt that this was a waste of money: "I could never waste money on people like that, I would buy something for myself instead.”

One thing is for sure – this will be a birthday Valentina is not going to forget.

Below is a video:

Credit: The Mirror



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