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RELATIONSHIP: Flaunting Your Partner On Social Media Does Not Guarantee Longevity

Some people think that when people don’t show off their partners, they are most likely cheating. While others also hold the opinion that the survival of a relationship or marriage does not depend on secrecy or public display of affection.

In an interview on the Day Show, entertainment pundit, Vida Adutumwaa Boateng, stated that flaunting one’s partner on social media does not guarantee the longevity of one’s relationship or marriage.

“Flaunting your partner does not mean anything. Flaunting your partner on social media does not mean your relationship will last.”

She revealed that she has had indirect experiences where relationships had fallen apart despite parading their partners on social media.

Vida said some people also flaunted their partners on social media to show that they are off the market. Hoping that no third party can ‘snatch’ their partners from them.

“Some also post their partners because they are happy about their relationship,” she added. The Entertainment pundit revealed that just as some people marry based on political grounds, others also marry to gain followers on social media.

She added that others also get attached to their partners due to their fame.

“Some people get attached to their partners because they have fame. Because anyone who aligns him or herself with a star automatically becomes a star. We also have people who get married for political reasons or on political grounds.”

Vida mentioned that some couples, especially celebrities, feel obligated to update their followers on the status of their relationship to remain relevant.

“Now numbers are money, so some celebrities are compelled to update their followers.”

The outspoken pundit recommended that celebrities in relationships and marriages should try their possible best to differentiate between their stardom and personal lives.

She further advised that it is better off guarding one’s personal life than putting it out there regardless of being a public figure or not.

Story by: Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson



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