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RELATIONSHIP: 8 Intelligent Approaches To Fixing A Struggling Relationship

A relationship is like a house, when the light bulbs burn out you do not go out to buy a new house, you fix the light bulbs.

Many of us believe we can solve our relationship problems by getting out of them and finding a new person. It might be that all you need to do is change the light bulb of the relationship. We believe that people are replaceable or exchangeable. We are so quick to judge him or her and move on to the next person. Only to experience the same problem, or even worse.

We have learned to be independent and self-made. It is a good form of discipline but when such attitude is taken too extremely, it will interfere in our relationship. No one is replaceable by anyone else. Don’t see that girl like a pair of shoes you picked up from a store. Your partner came into your life for a greater reason in perfect timing.

He or she is human with flaws but also filled with endowed probity. Don’t abandon someone because they need some adjustments. Don’t forget that everyone needs some inner work.

This concept doesn’t mean you should endure an unhealthy relationship. No that’s far from it. A successful relationship requires both parties to put in their all with honesty. It’s not just about finding love, it’s about keeping it.

Every relationship has its problem, but what makes it perfect is if you still want to be together when things go wrong. You might decide to leave no stone unturned until you come across someone perfect. The truth is you’ll be disappointed for the rest of your relationship cause there’s no such one.

If you move into a new house. The house might not have everything you need, sometimes you need to renovate or make some adjustments to bring it to your taste.