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Rasta Student, Oheneba Nkrabea Finally Admitted To Achimota School

One of the two dreadlocked boys denied admission into Achimota School, Oheneba Nkrabea, has finally been admitted into the institution on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

It follows an Accra High Court ruling that ordered the management of the school to allow the students to enroll.

Citi News‘ visit to the school on Thursday, June 3, 2021, confirmed that the student has reported to the school and completed the admission process.

The parents of the boy arrived at the school early this morning and submitted the completed admission forms to the school authorities.

Oheneba has begun academic work as he has been assigned a class.

“The process was wonderful. The school was receptive to him. The teachers and other staff members were very positive, and so he is in class right now. I appreciate that very much”, Oheneba’s father, Raswad Nkrabea said.

Mother of Oheneba Nkrabea, Maanaa Myers said she is happy with the welcome her son received today.

“We passed by some dormitories where the students were screaming and hailing us. It was assuring because we were a bit apprehensive. Even the students are in support of him. The school chaplain approached us and ask that we go to the administration. There, the day students’ girls prefect also approached us. That was when everything changed, she came in warm, introduced herself, and told Oheneba he was going to be her school son and make sure he is comfortable on campus.”

“I just got relieved and felt comfortable that he was safe because we also meet a teacher who has been protective of him since the first day because we met him today who ushered him into the classroom. So far I feel okay with the warm reception we received today.”, the mother expressed.

The student’s admission is however pending the decision by the school’s Governing Board to appeal the judgment of the High Court.

Meanwhile, the other rastafarian boy, Tyrone Marhguy, is yet to go through the admission process. He will go through the admission process tomorrow [Friday, June 4, 2021]. School backs down Achimota School backed down on a decision to freeze the court order to admit the two Rastafarian boys.

The school’s board in a statement on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, said it is however committed to an appeal against the ruling of the High Court.

It said the decision comes after consultations with two stakeholders on the way forward.

“Further to our statement issued on 1st June 2021 on the subject of two Rastafarian applicants, we have been in consultation with other relevant stakeholders to seek the best ways forward, taking into account the interests of all parties,” it said.

Adding that, “while the Board remains committed to the appeal against the High Court ruling, it will withdraw the application for a stay of execution pending the determination of the appeal by a higher court.”

Students drag Achimota to court; judge rules in their favour An Accra High Court on Monday, May 31, 2021, delivered its ruling regarding the denial of two Rastafarian boys; Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea admission to Achimota School because they failed to cut their dreadlocks.

Justice Gifty Adjei Addo, the Presiding Judge, disagreed with the submissions of the Attorney General and granted all the reliefs separately sought by the embattled students except the relief of compensation in the case of Tyrone Marhguy.

According to Justice Addo, it is preposterous for the Attorney General to have even suggested that the two were not students in the first place.

Justice Gifty Adjei Addo consequently directed Achimota School to admit the two Rastafarian students.

Following the court’s decision, Achimota School through its board announced that it will appeal the decision.

The school subsequently made efforts to secure a stay of execution order in order to freeze the implementation of the order but it has now announced that it has withdrawn that decision.

Credit: Citinewsroom



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