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"Pundits Who Don't Have A Career Anymore Just Want To Get Attention" - Mesut Özil Spits Fire

Former Germany and Real Madrid play-maker, Mesut Özil has taken a swipe at some sports pundits over their recent commentary on Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Mesut Özil, those pundits have no career and thus should stop trying to get attention using Ronaldo's name.

In a tweet sighted by, the football great tweeted "I really don't get where this constant negativity from the press about Cristiano comes from ... The Media is just trying to get clicks, and pundits who don't have a career anymore just want to get attention with his big name and try to make him look bad..."

He also hit hard at the media over its sensational stories for clicks, stressing that such behaviours are unprofessional.

"He is soon 38 years old - so what's the surprise that he doesn't score 50 goals a season anymore? Every football fan out there should be happy to have seen him playing world class football for 20 years"

"I don't think anyone from the new generation will be able to match his numbers again. He will forever be in his own category. 🐐 Everyone should show more respect to one of the greatest athletes in sports history..."

It will be recalled that news broke of Ronaldo threatening to leave the training grounds of the Portuguese National Team.

Such allegations comes after the super star's name could not make it to the first eleven which faced the Swiss few days ago.

However, an official statement from Portuguese FA has revealed that such allegations are untrue and ought to be disregarded.


“Reports claiming Cristiano Ronaldo threatened to leave the national team during a conversation with Fernando Santos are not true — FPF clarifies that at no time did Cristiano threaten to leave the national team in Qatar” it said.

Below are some tweets:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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