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Profile of David Tabi, billionaire husband of Tv Host, Berla Mundi

Indeed God is Great. The Year 2024 has started on a positive note for TV3 Presenter Berlinda Addardey, popularly known as Berla Mundi as she has officially tied the knot with one fine, young and handsome man.

The ceremony happened today at a ‘No Phones Allowed’ Marriage Ceremony. The event saw the families of both couples in attendance and some top media names graced the occasion in style.

The strict rule of not sharing photos or videos from the wedding ceremony has made it difficult to get hold of footage from the grounds.

The scarcity of visual documentation from the ground has only heightened the intrigue surrounding the private ceremony.

However, TV3’s social media platforms have extended their congratulations to Berla Mundi, acknowledging her new marital journey and wishing her the best in her new home.

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Amidst a flood of congratulatory messages, emerging details about Berla Mundi’s marital union are gradually coming to light.

Recent revelations indicate that she has entered into matrimony with David Tabi, a gentleman linked to a prosperous Ghanaian family deeply involved in the mining industry.

Barbex is a leading Ghanaian multi-business operator founded in 1990 with roots in mining, agriculture, and technology.

For over three decades, they have built our business on the foundations of integrity and excellence.

Berla Mundi Husband

Photos of a young handsome-looking man who’s currently the operations manager of Barbex Group has surfaced online – And it’s strongly believed that he’s the David Tabi Berla has just married.

According to David’s LinkedIn profile, he had his college education at Lincoln School in London, a renowned institution known for its commitment to academic excellence.

It was there that he honed his intellectual skills and developed a global outlook that would serve him well in his future endeavours.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, he ventured across the Atlantic to Wilfred Laurier University in Canada, where he earned his first degree.

The educational experience in Canada undoubtedly provided him with a multicultural and diverse environment, contributing to the development of a well-rounded skill set.

For the past 12 years, he has served as the operations manager for Barbex Group, a role that has allowed him to showcase his skills in managing and optimizing business operations.

The operations manager’s tenure with Barbex Group has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a strategic approach to operational efficiency.

His leadership has been instrumental in steering the company through dynamic market conditions, ensuring its continued growth and success.

This revelation about the groom’s background introduces an intriguing facet to the union, suggesting the diverse and unique trajectories that love can navigate.

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