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"Present-Day Ghana Army Lacks Discipline" – Ghanaian Soldier Who Fought In WWII

A Ghanaian soldier who fought in the World War II, Ex-Lance Corporal Wisdom Edmund Kudowor, has observed that the Ghana Army currently lacks discipline.

According to him, this is the only thing that is missing in the modern-day Ghana army as compared to his days during the British colonial rule.

Sharing his life experience on Accra-based Asaase Radio on Sunday March 13, he said, while doing the comparison, that “I must say there is no difference except that what we did was done during the war time.

“That was war time soldiering, the current one is peace time soldiering. It is more of developing rather than fighting as a soldier on a battle field.

“This time, we are being controlled by Ghanaians, the army is being controlled by Ghanaian Army officers. But our time, we were under the British, we were being controlled by a military officer from Britain and so, we had to go strictly according to the rules of Britain and that brought about the difference. This time, we have to obey our own people, the other time we were obeying the British.”

Asked whether he thinks the discipline in the army during his days is the same presently, Ex-Lance Corporal Kudowor said “The only thing about the present day army is that something is missing and that is discipline.

“Sometimes, you find them very well dressed and disciplined on parade, yes, but discipline outside parade, I am afraid it is missing.”

Story by: Laud Nartey



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