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"Pray For Her, She's Suffering" — George Quaye Urge Ghanaians To Stop Blasting Joyce Blessing

Media personality and actor in the 2000s Taxi Driver series, George Quaye, has appealed to Ghanaians to stop lambasting gospel musician Joyce Blessing over her alleged drunk video.

Mr. Quaye said in an exclusive interview on Accra-based Onua FM's "Angye Mmere" Show on the theme "How does an artiste's management handle PR machinery in scandals?" said what Joyce Blessing is going through could be serious and should not be taken lightly. He went on to say that the way Ghanaians have handled the situation could even drive someone to commit suicide.

“What she’s gone through may be eating her up, in this country we joke with psychological issues. Elsewhere, things have driven people to suicide, luckily for us, we are not like that. Maybe because of our upbringing, and the challenges we go through as children,” he stated.

George Quaye noted that Ghanaians should pray for the gospel singer because what she is going through is critical and should not be joked with. “But our sister is going through a lot, it’s not child’s play, it’s not easy. In such a scandal and your ex-husband is in the picture muddying the situation. You are being discussed in the media, and on social media, she is suffering a lot. So if we can pray for her, let’s do it and help her. This is not the time to talk about her brand,” he intimated.

Joyce Blessing, a Ghanaian gospel musician, has made headlines for her alleged drunk video in which she was seen confessing love to a man she claims has broken her heart.

The musician's management responded with a press release urging Ghanaians to reject the notion that she (Joyce Blessing) was drunk, as well as stating that the man she was referring to was her husband.

Following that, a man identified as Dave Joy, a former husband, responded by saying that he wasn't the one Joyce Blessing was referring to, which sparked another hullabaloo

Credit: Modern Ghana



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