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Police To Cease Publication Of Faces Of Suspected Criminals

The Ghana Police Service has decided not to publicize or display the faces of suspects who have not yet been found guilty.

According to the police, this is part of their attempt to become a world-class police force and the best institution in the country, acting as a model for Africa and the rest of the globe.

The Service stated that in order to do this, it will have to show the highest level of professionalism in all policing endeavours.

According to the Police, the new decision states that suspects’ faces and identities would be completely disclosed only when they have been legally convicted before a competent court of law.

Suspects who have been proclaimed wanted by the courts with an arrest warrant for a variety of offenses must have their faces and other personal characteristics published, if necessary, for the sake of identification, arrest, and prosecution.

“We shall, however, continue to display the covered faces of suspects to announce their arrest and lawful detention in order to assuage the fears of people who feel threatened by them,” the statement said. Story by: Abugre Abayeta



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