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Police give greenlight for demo over bad roads in Koforidua

Police have given greenlight for a massive demonstration scheduled to hit Koforidua, Eastern regional capital Saturday August 19, 2023 over deteriorating roads in suburbs of New Juaben North and South municipalities.

Police and organizers of the demonstration calling itself Koforidua Development Advocates (KDA) on Friday finalized routes for the demonstrators.

The demonstration is set to be held simultaneously in communities with poor roads such as Apenkwa, Agbogri, Nyamekrom, Monrovia, KTU area, Asokore, Oyoko, Akwaadum, Mpaem, Simpoa Miensa, Zongo, and neighboring areas in New Juaben North and South municipalities.

Banners have been hoisted in the communities to raise awareness.

The group suspended a similar action almost two months ago following intervention by New Juaben Traditional council for the demonstrators to give city authorities grace period to fulfill promise to fix the roads within stipulated period.

On the back of this, the member of Parliament for New Juaben South Michael Okyere Baafi announced that 80% of Koforidua roads had been awarded to contract but delayed due to IMF deal however assured were going to be fixed.

Although portions of Koforidua major town roads have since been asphalted the contractor has left over non-payment leaving other roads to suburb communities to deteriorate as the rainy season unleashes incessant rainfalls making them almost unmotorable.

A statement issued by convener of the demonstration, Agbodo Komla Godsway called upon all community members to unite for the non-partisan campaign to get the roads fixed. It’s time to demand better roads, street lights, and essential amenities for our neighborhoods. We are organizing a peaceful demonstration to press the authorities and make our voices heard”.

The statement said the dangers of Bad Roads and Lack of Street Lights “Pose a significant risk to commuters, pedestrians, and motorists. Pot-holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries”

"The group believe “bad roads in the municipality is restricting easy access to essential services like healthcare, education, and markets. This hinders economic growth and development"

"The absence of street lights creates dark and unsafe areas, making it easier for criminals to operate, threatening the safety of our community members.Dust and debris from unpaved roads contribute to respiratory problems, especially for children and the elderly”.

The organizers urged all to “unite and stand together to demand better living conditions for everyone. Our peaceful demonstration will show our commitment to holding the authorities accountable for our community’s development. Mark your calendars for the designated day of the peaceful demonstration. Together, we can create a safer, healthier, and more prosperous environment for all. Let us be united in this cause for the betterment of our community"

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