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"People Are Dying Of Cancer; Let’s Drop The Partisan Politics & Tackle Galamsey" – Afenyo Markin

Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo-Markin has said all politicians must come together and support the government in the fight against illicit small scale mining (Galamsey) which is destroying water bodies and the environment in general.

He intimated that galamsey has resulted in the high cost of treating water by the Ghana Water Company Limited.

In addition to this, he said, people are dying out of cancer by drinking polluted water from the rivers that have been destroyed by the miners.

Addressing a gathering in Effutu, the Deputy Majority Leader said “President Akufo-Addo made me Board Chairman of Ghana Water Company Limited and I know how much it costs to treat water Because we the politicians have made every thing partisan, we are looking at the next elections, we are unable to boldly confront the challenges that face our nation. So galamsey is destroying us"

“People are dying of cancer, people are dying without knowing why they are dying, the water we drink, you think it is safe for you?  Let us confront galamsey, let us confront the challenges that face our nation.

“I call on my colleague politicians CPP, NDC, NPP, let us come together, build a consensus  on the key national issues that will benefit our people in the long term. That is what these Europeans and Americans have done and we all want to go there. If we continue with this type of parochial politics trust me, our country will go nowhere.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor has served notice that in the coming weeks, he is going to announced a decision by the government to to increase the level of enforcement of the measures against galamsey.

Mr Jinapor said this has been a preoccupation for his Ministry over the past two weeks.

He explained that the fight against galamsey is not the function of the Ministry alone, rather , he said, it is a collective duty of all citizens.

“We are going to ramp up the enforcement measures. This has been occupying all my time in the past week or two” the Damongo lawmaker said"

“In the weeks to come, the Ghanaian people will see that the enforcement measures are going to be ramped up. I need to stress that it cannot be the responsibility of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, alone, it is going to be our collective responsibility,” he further said on Joy FM Saturday September 17"

The Director of Finance for the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners,  Francis Opoku has said members of his association do not destroy water bodies.

He explained that they need clean water to wash the minerals therefore, they cannot be the ones destroying the water bodies.

Opoku explained that the Galamseyers are the ones mostly seen mining in rivers thereby, destroying the water.

Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday September 17, he said these galamseyers are mostly from “Benin, Togo, they have the expertise to swim.”

“A lot of these people are not Ghanaians in the first place,” he stressed.

Tamale North Member of Parliament, Alhassan Suhuyini also said the Akufo-Addo administration is not committed to the fight against illegal small scale mining (Galamsey).

He said the government has only been engaged in rhetoric when it comes to fighting the menace.

Speaking also on the Key Points, he explained that it was the Media Coalition against illegal small scale mining which is made up of some journalists, who took it upon themselves to highlight the dangers of galamsey and the need for it to stop.

It was only after this that the government started initiating some moves to deal with the situation.

"The government was not really committed to the fight against galamsey,” Suhuyini stressed.

He added “They have only engaged in rhetoric and waste of money money.”

The government has been trying to deal with the activities of these miners.

A taskforce has been set up to that effect.




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