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"Parliamentary Service Board Did Not Meet In Dubai" - Office of Parliament

The office of Parliament says it has noted with grave concern, erroneous reports in a section of the media that Members of the Parliamentary Service Board met in Dubai during the period that the Rt. Hon. Speaker was receiving treatment in that country, at his instance.

According to the office, it would like to state categorically that at no time were the Board Members in Dubai for a board meeting, despite the fact that the group was in Dubai at some point in time.

In a communique signed by the Public Affairs Directorate of Parliament it said "The purpose of the Board Members being in Dubai was to attend a capacity building workshop, organized by the UK based training Institute, Crown Agents.

It must be noted that Crown Agents organises such training workshops for Parliamentary Commissions, Boards, and Public Institutions in Africa and other countries"

It is also instructive to note that Crown Agents has training programmes on different dates and participants are at liberty to choose appropriate times for attendance, which is what the Board Members did in the instant matter.

The communique further noted that that this year, the Board Members were to attend the capacity building workshop in April, ahead of the Speaker's scheduled medical appointment.

The workshop, however, had to be postponed to a date that was more suitable for all the Board Members.

"Parliament would like to state categorically that the presence of the Board Members at that material time in Dubai had absolutely nothing to do with the Speaker's scheduled medical appointment in that country. Parliament therefore urges all to ignore reports suggesting that the

Board Members were in Dubai at the instance of the Speaker"

The Speaker and entire Membership of Parliament says it is fully aware of the times in which the country finds itself and would not do anything that is not in the best interest of the citizenry.

"Indeed, the Office would like to assure all citizens that their interest is of utmost importance and this is what that drives the Institution"

Below is a copy of the release:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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