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"Our Borders Are Porous" - Immigration Service PRO Admits (VIDEO)

The Director of Public Relations of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Superintendent Michael Amoako-Atta has admitted that the country's borders are porous.

Supt. Amoako-Atta made these known in an interviewed with an Accra-based television station in the wake of the re-arrest of popular Chinese illegal mining operator in Ghana, Madam Aisha Huang.

In the interviewed monitored by, Supt. Amoako-Atta said "But when it comes to our borders, we have not hidden the fact that our borders are porous especially the sub-regions and it is not peculiar to the West African sub-region alone but across the whole world"

The Director of Public Relations further described that the entry of Madam Aisha Huang in the country after being deported as illegal.

He, however, noted that since the National Security is handling the issue due to its sensitive, Madam Aisha Huang was taken to court and a remand given her.

"So I believe that all the other agencies and the Attorney General will come in and we will find the appropriate charges to level against her. If she is convicted on the Immigration rules, she may go in for two years, that is what the law says"

"We are currently building the case because her mode of entry is one that we want to clarify and what she got herself engaged in, also will have to be looked into then, we can build a proper case against her"

Supt. Amoako-Atta disclosed that the Immigration Service has a mixed bag of operational strategies in place adding that it cannot depend on the just its officers at the point of entry.

"Looking at the terrain and nature of our job, you cant say that we are at the the borders so that is all. Internal intelligence gathering led to her arrest. Immigration is not sleeping on the job, we are very much alert so at any of these strategic points that we have, definitely, anybody who enters, will be arrested"

"It is not like she has entered and we are not safe, she has entered but has been intercepted"

Responding to the number of moths Madam Aisha Huang has been in the country before her re-arrest, Supt. Amoako-Atta said "The information, I have from my officers is not the three months that you are talking about. She came in mid August and by 2nd September, she was incepted by our officers."

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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