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OPINION: You May Not Have Read Law, But It Doesn't Make You Stupid Not To Read The Signs On The Wall

On the 7th of January this year, I saw the fastest bailiff ever from the Cape Coast high court to Accra and then to parliament house to prevent a duly elected member of Parliament from being sworn in, and subsequently voting in the speakership election.

A wise man asked, who was the bailiff who could get the judgement and move to Accra with this speed of light? Hamza's name was mentioned; only to find out that, the said Hamza was a registrar and not a bailiff. The court was and still is a high court in Ghana.

I agree that parliament is a master of its own rules, but letting sleeping dogs lie sometimes is a disaster, and encourages impunity.

The supreme court instructed the NDC to file processes at the Cape Coast high court. The legal team gets to the court at 8:00 am and the registry of the court was not open for business and the registrar was nowhere to be found as well as the cash office to pay for filing, and the judge was already reading his verdict before anyone enters with his or her own troubles to disturb anything !!!

The same Hamza has been fingered in this. What a judicial Maradona, comfortably practising legal gymnastics!!!

Someone asked, is this Ghana? I replied with a low tone; Yes, this is Ghana, under the leadership of Justice Anim Yeboah as chief justice and a former Attorney General and so-called human rights advocate as President.

Don't get me wrong, this can be a mere coincidence. The judge may have had a problem with his car so had to be dropped by his wife who may be a market woman and must be at the kotokoraba market by 8:00 am, so dropped him off at the office at 7:30 am, the registrar son may have had a stomach upset and had to be rushed to the hospital before returning to the office, and the cashier's daughter was also not well and had to be nursed for a little while.

Believe it or not, coincidences happen all the time and may have happened that, officers of the same Court on the same day were involved in almost similar situations.

However, let no one tell you lies, the judiciary is as rotten as f**k, and the telepathic relationship between some judges and some registrars are more than Fabregas and Diego Costa. In as much as coincidences are possible, never rule out a well-rehearsed strategy too. Everything is possible, at least with these 7:0, 9:0 score lines.

Writing against the judiciary has been a difficult one and it takes boldness and conviction to do that. He who knows it feels it.

Even the head of the judiciary, the embattled chief justice, Justice Anim Yeboah, I feel should step aside, looking at the alleged case of corruption levelled against him. The image of the judiciary must be protected. But WHO AM I to advise such a huge man who knows the law inside out!!!

Perceptions are very important in life and everyone should always test the waters and find out the sentiments of citizens and how they feel about things. It helps to save ourselves, the institutions we work for and what we stand for. Even if the law is on our side.

The judiciary may be bad, but there are equally wonderful personalities you will give a standing ovation to any day.

The book of Hosea is still speaking to us. Be careful what you sow, if you sow the wind, you can't reap the better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn

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