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OPINION: Will the passing of Late John Kumah facilitate acceptance of Napo as running mate?

I have heard stories of the dead giving lotto numbers to loved ones to stake.

Under Nana Addo and Bawumia, the numbers are not enough.

Where to stake them is another headache.

I hope Chairman Wontumi and his media team will accept and respect the wishes of the dead, irrespective of who paid for the poisoned guinea fowl or who delivered it?

If there was a person who fought tooth and nail to be announced as the NPP running mate, it is Napo.

Congratulations, "senior," but I wonder what my wish can do for you.

The quick move of wedding, a sleek, beautiful lady, and splashing pictures all over social media was the day Napo put in his bid.

As if he was asking us if he made a good choice for a second lady.

His close pals who didn't get it were wondering if it is the same Napo who had sworn never to be with a woman and call her his wife.

Well, the dictates of becoming a running mate have made a moslem taste pork.

Now your "eye tear" like Adam after eating the apple.

The General Secretary of the NPP, the Chief of Staff, and many leading members of the NPP have said on authority that they don't need any other region to win the 2024 elections.

The Ashanti votes are all they need.

The rest can go to hell.

In fact, I considered it as unfortunate, but at least that decision has favoured Napo.

Selection based on genealogy, not track record.

Understanding the Ashanti agenda, Napo went further to do a needs assessment of the people of the Ashanti region, and the results shocked me.

The needs of Ashantis were not jobs, neither were they roads nor digitalisation, but rather T-shirts!!! Get T-shirts for every Ashanti, and we will win power !!! Heeerrrrr!!!

Get NPP T-shirts for Kyeremanteng, Odike, Osei Tutu, Yamoah, Adu-Tutu, Tumfour, Peprah, and Kyei, amongst others and the election is won.

It is a very unfortunate mindset. However, you will be bought at the price you sell yourself.

Napo has taken this Ashanti agenda to dangerous hights.

Recently, I heard some Ashantis attacking Hon. Ablakwa for exposing some thieves in the Ashanti region.

Are there no thieves in the Volta region, too, they asked?

A scheme by Napo to rally Ashantis together as if they are endangered.

Thieves can buy that and gather, but clean and hard-working Ashantis can't patronise these lies.

What everyone needs is a better environment to work, not preferential treatment.

Since there is no name mentioned formally, and for me not to be misled, let me find out about the Napo we are talking about.

Is it the same Napo who threatened to organise a demonstration if the Keta Sea Defence is constructed?

I mean Napo, the Minister of Energy. Allow me to drink some water and wait for the confirmation of Napo's candidature..

If it is him, then I shall return!!!

As for this storm, don't worry, it will be nothing missing and nothing broken.

Let's focus on better days ahead.


Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, President, Kun Fa Yakun Movement

NB: Views expressed are solely those of the author. cannot be held liable for defamation.



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