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OPINION:"We Must Stop This Corrupt And Insensitive NPP Or Die! Oh Yes We Must Do It Or Die"- A. Gunn

Let me take a minute out of this hectic thank you tour to respond to twists by some media houses on the statement DO OR DIE.

Don't be worried, we stand by it, we believe it and in fact that is the spirit we are taking into the elections 2024. like the biblical lepers at the gate, who said " *IF WE PERISH WE PERISH*"

In a period where the media is under siege , where some of you have been threatened with death, or placed in harms way, I thought it would have been the media who would have championed this "do or die" spirit to break this yoke around your neck. Probably, you have not been pushed enough!

How can we break this thievery under this NPP administration if we don't have a do or die attitude? Can this government be advised or pampered? This thievery soaked government!

A president who sees no evil , hears no evil nor speaks no evil !!! With a deputy president who only looks on and node.

In any helpless situation, if you are not ready to put your destiny into your own hands, then forget it. This country needs redemption.

People losing jobs and can't find any , boarders closed with impunity in the name of covid with livelihood of many being lost, and you want them to sit with their hands in-between their legs? Hell no !!! It must be stopped and it must take our collective anger.

A government with no shame, wife is returning excess money , husband is returning loot with a deputy president waiting for Gabby to tell him what to do !!! How did we get here?

Let me not be distracted from the second day of the thank you tour . There will be a time to come back to this properly. Have a fruitful day, as we hope for better days ahead.

*Kun fa Yakun*

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, NDC's Deputy National Communication Officer

NB: Views shared in the above write-up are solely that of the author thus will not be held liable for defamation.



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