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OPINION: The Rejection Of Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu

The performance of every administration (government) likewise Members of Parliament (MPs) are assessed every four years based on how well they did in the various sectors such as health, infrastructure, socio-economic well-being of its people and security among others. Suame is one of the oldest constituencies and situated in the middle of the Kumasi Metropolis. Although old, yet inversely related so long as developmental issues which constitute infrastructure and Human Resource development are concerned. The people of Suame have not demanded much from the 24-year reign of its incumbent MP, Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu but for the provision of health facility, good road networks, security and job creation among others are the predominant concerns raised every election year, yet all falls on deaf hears.

The administration of Nana Akufo Addo recently launched a website exhibit infrastructural projects thus far and unfortunately, not even a single project was allotted to Suame constituency to give us some hope. A majority leader in parliament had no project in his constituency for inclusion on the government’s infrastructure site? Very pathetic! If your family sells its cocoa to fund your trip to the UK so you can help other family members and you tell your family you are serving The Queen, of what benefit did the family get by selling it’s cocoa? A group of people calling themselves as the Suame Youth Forum issued a statement and copied on Ghana Web stating their support for the MP, describing him as the visionary leader to lead Suame constituency to the promise land. The said statement outlined some 32 projects as achievements of the MP’s 24years as parliamentarian and one would wonder If the competency of the MP is limited to those projects. Those are projects usually carried out by MCEs and DCEs.


Building of School Blocks are some of the projects MCEs and DECs usually lobby for their areas and are not projects competent MP as he is described will pride himself with. Besides, most of those projects are nationwide projects being carried out by this government and no MP should pride him/herself with. Per the listed achievements by the group’s fact findings, 32 projects have been commissioned by the MP out of which only 11 have been completed, representing 34%. Which parent will be happy with his child recording 34% in whatever venture his ward engages in? That notwithstanding, majority of the listed products are initiatives of the central government across the county and not one any MP ought to pride himself with as his projects. Besides, this is an MP who is on record to have said that road constructions are not the duties of an MP and why will any entity tout these projects as his achievements. An example is the Overall Upgrading and Modernization of Vocational Education System in Ghana by the Nana Administration.

Such a nationwide achievement out to be celebrated by the government and not an elected MP. The president in his desire to unseat Hon. Muntaka, the MP for Asowase constituency for his poor performance and longevity, said the people of the constituency should change him. The incumbent in his rebuttal asked president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to make such recommendations to the people of Suame constituency due to their MPs poor performance and longevity in the house. He also stated that it is Hon. Kyei Mensah who is most incompetent. Citing example to his advice to the president said, one cannot drive through his constituency and experience dust as is the case of Suame constituency. He also rebuilt the 80% government schools that were wooden structures prior to assumption in office and that Ho. Mensah Bonsu is Eight (8) years in the House.

It is unfortunate for any entity to associate itself to the article describing Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu as the most visionary and competent to lead the Great Suame constituency per evidence stated above. Such patsies can only be described as symbols of mediocrity at its peak and should never on any occasion speak for the constituency. A leader must have a vision, communicate his vision to his people and mobilize resources towards the achievements of his set goals. Has Hon. Kyei Mensah exhibited anything of this nature once? Hon. Okyem Aboagye, the defeated Bantama MP prior to NPP primaries outlined his achievements vis-a-vis earlier promises for his 3 and half years in power. I was impressed with his records which included bridges, police station buildings, toilets, classroom blocks, asphalt roads among others. He also stated his vision for the 4 years ahead. Hon. Kyei Mensah on the other hand, prides himself with his parliamentary duties and the achievements of the Nana Addo’s government which has no bearing on his constituency. He has not on any occasion produce a roadmap document outlining his vision for the constituency. Can this be associated with competency? These are traits of a visionary leader which same can’t be said of Hon. Kyei Mensah as pointed out by Hon. Muntaka per Hon. Okeym Aboagye’s example.

Hon. Kyei Mensah instead of communicating to his people his vision, has resorted to intimidating anyone who will challenge him in NPP or an independent. My question is, why intimidating competitors if you had done what was needful? The ongoing road works in Kumasi is a nationwide project by the government and yet, being touted as a project finance by the MP for votes. This can’t be characterized of a visionary leader. Pregnant women living at the peripherals of Suame and areas such as Kronum, Bronkum, Abuohia and Otumfour often experience mis-courage due to the bad roads of the constituency. The least is the problems caused by dust and muddy roads during the dry and rainy seasons respectively. A constituency with a highway linking Techiman municipality has no health facility for its people and surrounding constituencies to ease the pressure on KATH. The Ambulance provided by the government is always packed at the municipal assembly due to lack of health facility in the constituency. A leader with no plans for the health challenges of his people can’t be said to be a visionary one and why must we maintain him for more years?

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, the people of Suame suffered continuous rubbery attacks resulting to 6 casualties and 26 serious injuries. Several attempts to get the police to help curtail the problem felt on deaf ears. This, our visionary leader never said a word on it till this day. We do understand his negligence, after all, he is not a Suame resident. Should we still continue to jeopardize our security and safety by voting for him again? Unemployment is a national issue and our constituency is not exempted from its effects in our daily lives. PMs are given slots in every employment opportunity created by the government yet not a single family within the municipality can boost of the MPs aid to it member for securing such jobs. Take for example, should government award 10 slots to the MP annually and shared a slot per home, 240 homes would have at least a member in either the security service or as a civil servant which would have reduced unemployment issues facing the constituency. The current rubbery attacks witnessed was as a result of unemployment effects the constituency have been subjected to. Someone should tell me why we should continue to vote Hon. Kyei Mensah Bonsu?


In conclusion, the Honorable member has failed woefully as a parliamentarian for his 32 projects for 24 years in the house, of which most are national projects across all constituencies. For 24 years he initiated only 32 projects of which only eleven (11) representing 34% are completed. On average, He initiated an abysmal record low of 1.33% projects annually per his stay in the house. Unemployment has increased due to the failure on his part to take advantage of employment opportunities created by the government by refusing to aid in the enrollment process of his qualified people. Roads are in deplorable states and has no interest in the security of his people which has resulted in 6 casualties and 26 people suffered serious injuries to rubbery attacks. Upon realizing of his impending defeat, has resorted to intimidation tactics. Per his performance, we have decided to put Suame constituency first by rejecting Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu.

Credit: Concerned Citizens of Suame


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