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OPINION: Reshuffle! Do Some People Around The President Want Napo To Be Removed Because He Is Tough?

In the wake of the indications of a looming reshuffle occasioned by the resignation from office of Trade and Agric Ministers, it seems like some person close to the Presidency want the Energy Minister, Matthew Opoku Prempeh removed from his office.

It seems that some persons are not comfortable with the works of Napo and thus are pushing for his reshuffle.

Pundits say some personalities close to the President are behind the removal of Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh from the Energy Ministry.

These among others are largely because of the tough character of Dr. Prempeh who is said to be blocking them from benefiting from shady deals, likely to bring the name of the President and government into disrepute and embarrassment.  

Dr. Prempeh is said to have the backing of the President who has seen the sterling work he has done at the Ministry ensuring the stability of power and the availability of petroleum products even in the wake of global crisis.

However, the nepotistic antics of these supposed 'family of the President' are the some of the reasons they want the Minister out.   

Industry pundits are predicting the massive return of ‘DUMSOR’ if Dr. Prempeh is removed from the Energy Ministry as the stability is largely due to his leadership style and strong character as a visionary and diligent politician.

Could it be that his achievements at the Ministry of Energy in two years which is unassailable and has even been touted by independent observers pose as a threat?

Credit: Charles Boateng,

Concerned citizen,

Affram Plans.

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