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OPINION: Owusu Bempah writes: Mahama remains a danger to the Judiciary and democracy

When Mahama stood at a forum organised by NDC sympathetic lawyers and called on his partisan falcons to balance the judiciary by taking up opportunities to join the bench, he was actually making a mockery of the bench and to a large extent allowing excessive partisanship to take better part of his politics.

Oh yes, it was a call for blind unquestioning loyalty to the NDC over nationhood.

Essentially, Mahama was unleashing a disproportionately NDC group of ideologues, many of whom are manifestly unqualified to practice as lifelong lawyers and to uphold the principle of equal justice under law on to the judiciary.

Mahama who once served as President and want another shot at the job is now serving notice to all and sundry that given the opportunity, he will outsource the work of judges to extremist special interest groups like NDC Lawyers.

Mahama want to sabotage the state by packing the judiciary with partisan ideologues.

He’s simply telling us that if he wins the presidency, he will supervised yet another dose of NDC’s state-sanctioned violence against the Judiciary.

All of this so Mahama can rush his cruel agenda through the courts by installing extreme and biased judges.

When Mahama and others talk about balancing the judiciary with lawyers, know that this is what they’re really talking about:

Mahama, and his enablers have not changed one bit. Given the chance, they’ll roll back decades of progress made on diversity in our judicial system — and it’s reflective of the kinds of limited perspectives and experiences they welcome on everyday public conversations.

Let’s speak out against Mahama’s demonstrated danger to the judiciary and democracy.

It is truly beyond comprehension that the NDC is so poorly led that Mahama is able to get away with such loose talks and disrespect for our institutions of democracy.

We have to stop these group of ideologues who obviously have nothing to offer this country.

Ghanaians must be weary of Mahama and his silly little idealistic weirdos who want to turn this country into 21st Century Communist State.

Mahama may be oblivious of this but it might interest him to know that, we don’t have “Rawlings judges or Kufuor judges, Mills judges or Akufo-Addo judges"

What we have is an extraordin­ary group of dedic­ated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appear­ing before them.

Let Mahama get it that, if you are always carping incessantly about everything, you lose even more relevance than if you had focussed on the real key issues.

We have fought far too long and far too hard for our civil and human rights.

We have to make sure our courts reflect the people they are supposed to serve. Not Mahama, not NDC but justice for all of us.

Signed: Ernest Kofi Owusu-Bempah Bonsu, Deputy Director of Communications, NPP



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