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OPINION: "No money can fill the bellyof an elephant, not even LGBTQ+ funds" - Ako Godwin

A country that has no principles, produces nothing, but is engaged in politics 24×7.

Its President has become a poodle or a yoyo in people's hands. We are all calling 'AKOKO, ALOLO'

Proverbs 22:7: The rich will rule over the poor, and servant's will lend to their own masters.

The poor are ruled by the rich, and those who borrow are slaves to their lenders !!!

A little sleep, a little slumber, and we have a cup in hand.

Are we not hypocrites as a nation? Part-time christians fighting a full-time devil !!!

We call ourselves Christians/Muslims, but given the little opportunity as Ministers, Head of Department, CEOs, etc., we milk Ghana, milk our companies and institutions dry !!!

Why won't someone threaten us against the signing of a bill that we all support in principle!!! Oh, how sad that poverty has brought us to our knees!!!

This is where we are. If we are not comfortable, let's work hard, fight corruption, fight waste, and break the yoke around our necks.

In all these, Bawumia is silent. How safe are we if in an unfortunate event that Bawumia leads this nation?

So far, he remains the only person who hasnt spoken on this matter, and it's being alleged that Hon. Afenyo Markins is taking financial support for his activities from Bawumia’s office.

I listened to Rev. Dr Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, and I was even more worried.

Did I hear him say the Peace Council has no position on the LGBTQ+ bill? REALLY?!!!.

A group led by pastors, imams, etc?

No wonder some revered people of God who we thought had Ghana at heart are on the campaign trail of the NPP!!!

The church and the mosque may be sick now without us knowing!!!

Let no one tell me again that we are a Christian or a Muslim nation.

We are a disgraced, corrupt, poor, and hypocritical nation with no principles.

As parents, we can only pray that our children do not fall in the hands of devilish people in school or at play.

A lot depends on us and not our motherland. Ghana has been rendered hopeless.

The Fnance Ministry has collatorised every fund and is now being asked to collatoralise our ANUS (gay rites) so that the LGBTQ communities can raise support and loans for us.

Can any Arabian country be told this? They have really made their God proud. We are just but thieves!!!

We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.

None but ourselves can free our own minds. After the wanton dissipation of our public funds, we can't sign a bill against LGBTQ without useless excuses. sika bi ara, nso mu di!!!

Did we think of our children when we were going for loans to hire private jets to bathe in the sky, and to bring Adjoa Sarfo to come and vote for E-levy, and others hiring jets to celebrate their birthdays, etc?

I am sad, but i can only pray for better days ahead.

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, President, Kun fa Yakun Movement

NB: Views expressed are solely that of the writer. cannot be hld liable for any malicius utterances.



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