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OPINION: Nana Addo's Campaign Promises Are Killing Him

The lyrics of Alan Jackson's track; everything I loved is killing me, have gotten me thinking this morning. Sorry for the none lovers of country music, the lyrics go this way...

"Coffee keeps me up and I can't sleep

And when I drink too much then I can't eat

Losing you has led me to believe

Everything I love is killing me

Everything I love is killing me

Cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and caffeine

And that's the way you're turning out to be

Everything I love, gonna have to give up

'Cause everything I love is killing me

I guess I made a big mistake

Thinkin' you're a habit I can break

Well, I'm addicted to you now I see

Everything I love is killing me ... "

Many were scammed to believe that there was life better than what the NDC administration was providing. Habits they say die hard, and nothing can hide the spots on a tiger.

I can still hear the voice of Bawumiah asking, NDC should show us one, just one social intervention they have done!!!. The last time I checked, he is still a Ph.D. holder.

Now, parents are being given an option to pay school fees or have their kids staying home much longer.

This was the same government that gave a different meaning to review, review now meant abolished because it came from Mahama !! Maybe ask if there is a review ongoing, or there is an abolishing plan?

Nana Addo is just a scam, a hollow building block presented to us as a solid block for a building foundation. Now the building is crashing down on us.

Sad as it may be, the NDC must prepare for the heavy lifting when they take over power!!!. The rot is disastrous.

All the initiatives the NPP presented as stimulus packages have metamorphosed into a new tax. A decorated monkey 🐒, they say is still an ASS !!!

Free water

Free electricity

Tax cut

Free borla

Free education, name them ... These are all being taxed now, including a covid tax that we don't know how we enjoyed that to be taxed on.

Today, we are witnessing the realities of the NPP. All that glitters is indeed not gold.

After all these taxes, we are being offered a special DUMSOR package !!!

DUMSOR PROMAX !!! In some areas, it is DUMKORAA !!!

People bought into lies such as; every okada rider will be given a car, every graduate getting a rent advance to start life, Mahama will bring back dumsor.

Now we are living the realities of a lazy and inept government that knows nothing, but will not shut up!!!

Next time, the political quantity surveyors will understand that it takes a big and experienced head to break a palm kernel.

Indeed, the NPP just packaged a total waste, placed clothes on it, and brought it to the market for sale.

Now the media too is being hunted by the beast they created.

For now, we can only have our fingers crossed waiting for better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun

Credit: Godwin Aku Gunn, NDC's Deputy National Communications Officer

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