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OPINION: Is the police in the hands of the NPP?

The Ashanti Regional Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), following a communique by the police, in search of Razak, the youth organiser of Suame, drew the attention of the police that he will be produced to the Police.

True to their words, he was produced.

His lawyers, constituency, regional and national executives made an entry to the police station to signify how harmless the young man was.

In a matter of minutes, he was handcuffed (though he came by himself), photos taken of him, and in minutes, NPP social media team, who were not at the police station were busily sharing the pictures as if he was a common criminal. One is tempted to ask if the Police are NPP police or simply in the hands of the NPP?

These same police, took lance corporal Nyame, and constable Gyimah Ansah to a crime scene unhandcuffed and got them shot and killed, and the officers who led it miraculously left unhurt.

These were police officers who were arrested for their involvement in armed robbery and alledgedly killing a police officer in a bullion van.

Politics will destroy our police service. They flex their muscles better on harmless citizens the moment they realise it’s politics.

If not for politics, and pleasing the NPP government, how could you handcuff a good citizen who turns himself in with his lawyers and leaders of his organisation and send it to NPP social media team?

We have high respect for the police service, reason why the National communication officer quickly issued a statement agreeing with the sentiments of the police, though there are records of previous happenings that the police didn't respond to as fast as it is doing now.

I hope the police finds time to watch comments and videos they have been tagged with on their social media handles and judge the sledge harmer in their hands now.

In the 2020 elections, police shot and killed citizens and never bothered to explain or bring a closure to their barbarism. Who wouldn't get worried going into another elections?

Even during the registration before that elections, people died and no one has yet been arrested. No persons can take the laws into their hands, but out of the anger in the heart, errors are committed.

We will be in court this morning to show solidarity with comrade Razak, and pray the court grants him bail, and further gets a favorable judgement.

Let me also urge all our comrades to be circumspect in what they do or say, because we are not in normal times, the failed Nana Addo government will want to divert attention from itself to any news that will bring the attention to the NDC.

Crossing a weak bridge with crocodiles beneath takes boldness and a banner that reads *if I perish I perish !!!*

Let's be there for each other and seek for the interest of all. We shall overcome because there are better days ahead.


Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy Communications Officer, National Democratic Congress (NDC)

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