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OPINION: How Did We Get Here?

Not that we do not see. Not that we are not conscious of our own actions. Not that nobody is watching our actions. But that, we do not care about whoever.

Imagine a whole beautifully tarred road being blocked to serve as a buying and selling grounds, as human and vehicular traffic at all times in the day, become the king on our roads. So hectic!

Just imagine that areas in our cities which at first, one would dare peel off their toffees and throw them around being turned into refuse dumps.

Can you imagine that the people now master courage at lorry stations to pass out urine in between two vehicles, which they think, serve as a shield and a cover?

Do you now realize that a new group of beggars are on our streets being accompanied by women supposed to be parents of some severely sick children, where every day, they're at the same spots begging for arms to take such victims to the hospital? They're still there after a year.

Can't you see that all the little spaces available in our streets are being filled with houses and stores? Yes, because they themselves can buy it from THEM.

Now, in our cities, you hardly get FRESH AIR to breathe. Everywhere stinks. Will you be surprised to be informed that people have their pipes connected to our gutters, which they open anytime the rains set in? I observed one sometime ago in Kumasi where unfortunately, the rains did not last longer. Just imagine!

Thus, our gutters are choked, leading to excessive flooding at the blink of the weather.

People have refused to think. People have refused to work. People have refused to be responsible. People have refused to care anymore.

Just ask them, WHY? They'll tell you "the Zoomlions workers will clear the mess", "why are those people paid"?

Gracious me!

In all, victims of disasters caused by our own selves will be visited. Messages of condolences will be pouring in from everywhere. Pictures will be taken. Speeches will be delivered.

THAT'S ALL. Welcome, same news, every year. This is how far we have come.

Credit: Oscar Anning Ogee


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