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OPINION: Gyata Cement Finally On The Market

Finally, a fully owned Ghanaian cement factory, has started production. I am not just happy for the owners of the company, but for Ghana.

There are few goods whose importation erodes all our gains in foreign exchange. These are the importation of rice, sugar, oil, tin tomatoes, fabrics and a few more, which includes cement .

This was the main reason why the NDC administration vigorously embarked on local production of some products like sugar , tin tomatoes, rice and what have you.

Today , the cedi to dollar is hovering around 5.8 to 6 Ghana cedis after Bawumiah handed the key to the IGP .

Fighting this menace will not take any "long talk" prayers or accusing political opponents. It will also not need the dollar to be locked up in any cell!!!

What can save our currency is what GYATA CEMENT has done. Local production of what we need. Mr Dan Lartey of the GCPP may his soul rest in perfect peace campaigned for 12 years on a single message; grow what you eat, and eat what you grow. "3korm di hen" meaning we are hungry in fante, as he normally added.

Gyata cement should have been on the market 3 years ago, if not for petty partisan politics. I wonder how many workers they would have been employing by now, working at its peak 24/7.

Today, cement is being imported from many countries around the globe including faraway China. The reason why I am happy to share this information with you. Let us determine to support our own.

Its unfortunate how we attack businesses in Ghana when there is change in government. Micro finance companies, radio stations, banks, insurance companies and others. As a people, we should make a conscious effort to protect our own.

I pray for the workers and managers of this company, and all Ghanaian own businesses and those which are yet to come up. Let our children's children also have the privilege of working in Ghanaian owned companies that have survived for 100 years and counting .

It will be tough, and the road will be muddy and rough but we must get there. Gyata cement; building for generations.

I wish all Ghanaian entrepreneurs better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun.

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the above write-up are solely the words of the writer. will not be held accountable for any malicious comment(s).



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