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OPINION: Friends With Benefits, A Bad Or Good Idea?

Youths of today are gradually developing certain lifestyles which many have described as good and bad.

From the anxiety of terming things as correct or wrong, one’s incapability to see behaviors as living in the leaden.

As some may see it as a good and acceptable in our part of the world, it has also gone a way to cause problems in many relationships which is causing lots of problems.

One exact means, people see this indistinctness played out is in the framework of our “alliances” with either guys or girls.

One can state that this friend with benefit has left lots of people heart-broken, lots of trusts, and confused.

Could it be that they are friends during the day time and lovers in the evening?

With friends with benefits, it is obvious that it has no direction and one cannot tell whether it is good or bad?

Friends with benefits in this generation have been categorized as lust and sex all in the name of friendship and believe it or not, it is gradually spreading in churches.

If one should find him or herself in such friends with benefits relationship, will it be prudent to access whether it is healthy or not?

Below are a few reasons:

BEGINNING YOUR CONNECTION WITH NO LIMITS One item that describes a friend with benefits connection is when it begins with having no boundaries. The uncertainty and nonentities pledge that there’s no heading, no rubrics, and no-obligation which means everything is involved.

The delinquent in affairs like this is that they don’t mysteriously go into strong affairs as time goes on. The very moment a relationship begins with no boundaries, it turns to be hard to go along with.

NOT THINKING OF VOWS, ONE TENDS TO LOSE HIS/HER VALUE One major issue associated with friends with benefits is when people give with no hope or thoughtfulness of getting something back.

People tend to give out their body, period, and feelings without necessitating assurance. Once it arises toward relationships, promises become heavy prices to pay since one receives according to what he or she gives.

We are all extremely esteemed and that worth has been strongminded by God. Nonetheless, friends with benefits inspire people to give for free and generate an avenue that sparks egoism, insolence, and zero charges.

Vigorous affairs necessitate people to take possession of their selections and that constantly twitches with vibrant assurance.

FRIEND WITH BENEFITS HAS THE INFLUENCE TO INFLUENCE THE EXPRESSIVE AND SLANT THE BALANCED People tend to bond through bodily encounters. Whether it be a clinch, a caress, or sexual activity, bodies get bound to issue chemicals throughout bodily encounters that make individuals feel coupled to the people they are connected with.

That’s actually astonishing the entity, but it can be a really perplexing thing when one’s attention is telling them, they are friends and their sentiments are telling something far-off unalike.

Whenever people create a rapport that’s assembled on the corporal, people’s emotions continually follow the trend.

Bringing in the bodily will only present a mix-up and cause one to second-guess his or her coherent discerning. That bodily and demonstrative assembly will cause individuals to keep coming back for more.

INDISTINCTNESS SETS PEOPLE UP FOR ANGUISH No matter how people start their friend with benefits, one will eventually get hurt and leave. The very nature of giving without knowing what you will receive sets you up for some major disappointment.

By our actual fauna as humans, people are strengthened for the skill of giving and take.

When people involve themselves in a connection where they give with no pledge in return, they are setting themselves up for major upset and defeat since they are setting themselves up to lose at the end of the day.

Irrespective of who people are or have been through, they are far more than the agony of a one-way relationship. People owe it to themself to grip their God-given worth, to ask for more, and to expect great things in their lifespan and affairs.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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