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OPINION: E-LEVY, The Wasteful Expenditures Ahead of The Reintroduction

I salute the 137 members of Parliament who have rejected all offers thrown at them,and have remained resolute on the side of the ordinary Ghanaian who is struggling with bread without butter issues.

We know the E-everything government, is ready to pay anything to see the E-levy passed, but you have remained steadfast.

I pray your constituents also stand by you and give you the needed support, especially when your businesses and travels are being regulated by their E-levy timing.

On the other side, we are seeing E-Splashing of cash in the name of E-levy sensitization and town hall meetings

By kind courtesy of Kennedy Agyapong , we are told that an aircraft was chartered to bring Hon Adwoa Sarfo to Accra just to help pass the E-levy. At what cost? 14,000 an hour too?

Take note that, it wasn't just Adjoa Sarfo who arrived with a chartered flight that day. Kennedy Agyapong himself, Hon Henry Quartey and 3 others also arrived the same day. How wasteful can we be at this time of hardship.

Were you surprised to hear an amount of 120,000 deposited in a fidelity account for Adwoa Sarfo? Please don't be, that was Adwoa Sarfo's share of an amount of 17,000,000 (17 million) given to their 137 MPs to embark on an education in their constituencies, with the least getting an amount of 120,000.

The finance minister on the other hand is operating an undisclosed budget for town hall meetings in all 16 regions. By the time they are done, it's only the consolidated fund that you will weep for.

They came to us saying; without E-levy, common fund can not be paid, roads can not be fixed, education can no more be free, contractors can not be paid, youth can not be employed, the 2 first ladies can not be paid, fertilizers can not be supplied, rent for fresh graduates can not be paid amongst others. Dangerous E-SCAMMING !!!

The Akuffo Addo government will go down as one of the most wasteful government we have ever had.

There has never been a better time like this in our Parliamentary history, where the people's voice has been this loud and straight. The voice of the people will remain the voice of God. if they can't see this, they will see the end of Pharoah, when God hardened his heart.

Kudos to the other half of Parliament.Your defense will never be in vain. Your reward will not just be in heaven, but also in your reelection. You keep making us proud. I pray for you, and for better days ahead for this Nation.

*Kun fa Yakun*

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy National Communications Officer

Note: Views expressed in the above writeup are solely that of the author, will not be held responsible for defamation.



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