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OPINION: "Don't Be Intimidated, The Demonstration Continues Tomorrow" - Ako Gunn

I have never seen a group of indisciplined Police like I saw today.

They were carefully selected to put fear in people, but they failed. Their shameful acts were exposed today.

The demonstration continues tomorrow at the Elwak stadium at 9AM.

It is sad the man who organised almost 200 demonstrations before becoming president is now afraid of demonstrations.

Never sit on the fence and see the economy suffer, the insecurity is worsening, corruption is at its all time worse.

Stand up for your rights!!!

Stand up and fight the impunity.

Stand up and be counted.

We have only one Ghana.

Akuffo Addo must not destroy it for us and our children.

We must meet tomorrow. We must continue the demonstration, it will yield results!!!

*Kun fa Yakun*

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy National Communications Officer

NB: Views expressed are solely those of the author and does not represent that of cannot be sued for defamation.



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