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OPINION: Desist From Attacking Adwoa Safo, Stop The Noise Making, Fix Your Attitude

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, our rapt attention has been drawn to some social media (twitter) fanatics who have resorted to making fun of some NPP members of Parliament including Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo, minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection and MP for Dome Kwabenya Constituency.

Infact, we are shocked at the level at which some crop of people will decide not to appreciate whatever the Nana Addo administration does or whatever its members do but instead they find solace in giving a dog a bad name in order for it to be hanged for no reason.

The tumultuous height at which Hon. Adwoa Safo is been attacked smacks ignorance, hypocrisy, hatred and disrespectfulness to the extent that, references are made to her make-ups as though She has no private life of her own.

No one is against constructive criticism but It is interesting why certain elements in our society who had refused to avail themselves to free SHS and had decided not to learn but because they have access to the internet, they will resort to defaming people's character leaving behind their own unfixed characters.

Our achievements are indisputable. The Dome Kwabenya we see today was not the Dome Kwabenya we knew some twelve years ago. Quite a number of our roads have been fixed. And we are gradually fixing the rest. It's just a matter of time. And if those social media mongers care to know; Dome Kwabenya is the largest Constituency in Ghana per population and size. It is like four constituencies put together so developments may not be seemingly appreciated by other areas. Dome Kwabenya is amongst the top ten most developed Constituencies in Ghana.

Dome Kwabenya was the only Constituency in Ghana in 2017 where a sod was cut for a road network to commence. The Size of Dome Kwabenya alone is six (6) times the size of Yagba-Kubori Constituency (North East Region) yet we enjoy same government benefits. In 2020 alone, quite a number of projects totalling hundred and over could be counted as started and completed in Dome Kwabenya within the period of 2017-2020. All these at the behest of Hon. Adwoa Safo. So, desist from attacking Adwoa Safo, stop the noise making, fix your attitude and give credit for once.

We cherish and hold our MP in high esteem and we wouldn't sit unconcerned for nation crashers to throw dust in people's eyes as if She has done nothing. For this reason, we would like to send out a strong warning to those social media fanatics who have resorted to making mockery of Adwoa Safo to put an abrupt stop it. Or risk facing a taste of their own blood since they can not in any twinkling moment establish the veracity of their empty claims. Thank you and long Live DKC and the NPP.

Credit: NPP Communication Directorate



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