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OPINION: Congratulations to all Aspirants, may you find favour this Saturday

It's been a while, hope the campaign in your constituencies are going on peacefully?

My silence for this period was to avoid the words *CHANGE* and *TOASO*, the two most used words on all constituency platforms. Being fair, is fair !!!

I wished I could have showed up for many of my friends, colleagues, former colleagues, but as part of the officiating team *(NATIONAL EXECUTIVE)*, my hands were tired.

After Saturday, that is where we will all join to ensure the ultimate victory.

That is a duty, and my commitment. Seeing you in Parliament, standing on your feet saying *Mr Speaker .....* will be a shared pride.

Let's battle it out as a family, and have our ranks closed. 2024 will be an election that I can say in confidence, *NONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND*

I will come back next week with a broader smile and a hug of congratulations for a successful election and victory to all aspirants.

In all you do, remember there are better days ahead.


Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy Communications Officer, National Democratic Congress (NDC)

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