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OPINION: Chiana-Paga Constituents believe Francis Abirigo is the Biblical MOSES of the constituency

In 1992, you began your political career when your late uncle Joe Kanchi signed a membership card of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for you under the ebony tree in Mirigu-Gonum.

You have since participated in all political activities representing the NDC at all levels.

It all began in the Kassalingo Community in Mirigu of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

You started as a party agent, PRO and slightly missed the position of Chairmanship at the Constituency level in 2014.

We knew you would have been a good Chairman but maybe God had just asked you to wait for the ultimate time which is now.

Since that election, you have become a household name in the Constituency and the Region particularly among the NDC family.

You have turned down proposals by constituents for you to put yourself up for the parliamentary primaries for obvious reasons.

You have earned many accolades to your name; unifier, humble, affable, peaceful, friendly, team leader, people centered, passionate, compassionate and development oriented they say you are.

You're truly a unifier and reconciliatory in nature. Once you tried in 2014 and weren't successful, you put it behind you and worked hard for the party in various capacities at various levels.

You supported all NDC candidates in cash, material and human skills over the years. You have consistently dedicated your time, shredded energy and committed your rather scarce resources to work for the party in all subsequent elections.

Little wonder therefore that, a delegate had this to say about you.

"People and the NDC party are the reason why Abirigo is not so rich". This may sound as a comic relief and qualifies as a funny meme. Yet that is the level people know your selfless sacrifices to humankind.

Holy scripture also captures it in a manner so unequivocal when it stated, “service to mankind is service to God”. I guess it’s time to serve God to the service to mankind.

Another delegate said, "As for Hon. Abirigo, he can give his last one cedi to people and go hungry". This is how well you are known for, because when you worked as Public Relations Officer for the Kassena-Nankana Mutual Health Insurance Scheme as the key publicity and registration officer, they said you spent all your money registering for the aged and the needy for the over four years.

You have persisted in caring for people and the NDC party over the years and they have good records of you in their hearts.

You have shown consistency and drive to lead the NDC in the Constituency all this while and this is your time. The calls for you to lead your party, in the constituency, is now resoundingly louder. But unlike the calls to Pontious Pilate that sounded “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!!’ Yours is sounding “CROWN HIM! CROWN HIM!!.. It echoes from the East, to the West and to the North and south, echoes with a resounding and unanimous magnitude. It resonates through the vicissitudes of time sending signals into the ears of innocent children, the youth, women, the aged, able and the disable of our constituency.

For it is written that, ‘’I the Lord have spoken! and you must remember that, the tide in the affairs of man is not static’’. It moves. Also, remember what happened to Jonah may repeat itself when you try to run away from these calls. And do not be afraid. Just like it happened to Moses, I have good news for you:

Selflessness and peaceful

From the East to the West, delegates have concluded that you deserve their votes. They talk about your selflessness and crave for peace, unity and development in the constituency.

Your contributions, efforts and commitments to see a lasting peace particularly in the Doba- Kandiga area specifically is highly commendable.

Delegates have the firm belief that you would be a developmental Member of Parliament and therefore, you deserve the votes this time around.

Team player

You have proven beyond reasonable doubt you are a team player and relate well with every community and section in the constituency without being discriminatory against people due to their political or community belongingness.

The name Abirigo resonates in every nook and cranny of the constituency. In Chiana, Nakong, Kayoro, Paga, Nakolo, Navio, Sirigu, Kandiga and many others, the name Abirigo is a household name.

A young man met us for the first time in Accra and this was what he said “ohh so this is the popular Abirigo?”

In many occasions, you have worked with constituents in the East, West and North for your party the NDC. The delegates remember every bit of your sacrifices for your party.

They see how you easily relate with them. They see your positive party working relationships and they are determined to reward your leadership should you put yourself up.

Your humility and respect to all manner of persons.

Your humility and respect towards for both young and old is widely talked about and delegates really appreciate your strong spirit and sense of humility.

In fairness, you have no match in this race to lead the party in Chiana-Paga Constituency. The delegates have been communicating that the race is between Hon. Abirigo and all the rest put together. Yes that is what they about you.

Abirigo brings fresh, firm, decisive, trustworthy and reliable leadership.

Grassroots party membership are yearning for your strong and top notch leadership to reinvigorate party activities in the constituency.

Your courage and strong leadership and your likeability identity is required to ensure the party’s victory of 2024 in the constituency.

The delegates are waiting to endorse you in May 13, 2023.

Bilingualist and Universal .

Given the dynamics of the constituency, you come as a universal and unique person that attracts more votes for party come 2024 because you speak both Kasem and Gurene fluently.

The Peoples' Project

Everyone is already talking about the Peoples' Project that you intend to unveil. They have no doubt that Project when implemented will create employment for the youth in the constituency and uplift them out of poverty as it is focused on the people.

Delegates are anxiously waiting to endorse the Peoples' Project come May 13, 2023.

Delegates are delighted to know you are leading in the race to become the Member of Parliament for the Paga-Chiana Constituency for their interest and they believe what you have done on your own you can do greater things when you become their MP.


It is not debatable. All other candidates are just trying. But your is a call to divine duty. “Go ye therefore and subdue the votes and commit ye therefore to the service of the people”. It’s well with you.

Your name, Atayure is no mere coincidence. You have the name indeed. You have the greatest of name. Go make the numbers.

Credit: David Adumbire, a Researcher, PhD Candidate, University of Ghana, (UG)



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