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OFORIKROM: Two drivers return missing GHc200,000 to owner

Two drivers who ply their trade at Oforikrom, a community in the Ashanti Region have returned a missing GHc200,000 they found in their car to the owner.

According to the drivers, since the money did not belong to them, they did not see the need to keep it.

In an interview with an Ashanti Regional television station, the drivers said "We had some passengers board our bus from Maase heading towards Oforikrom but on our way, we realised that there were only three passengers left so we pleaded with them and got them another bus"

"After they left, we saw a bag at the back seat. We got closer, opened and saw the money. We were contemplating on sending it to the police station but since I do not trust the police, I said no but my brother said, he knew the officer because he was his church member"

They added that the owner reported the case to the police of which, the money was handed over to him.

The owner thanked the drivers for their kind-heart and returning the money.

The gesture by the two drivers has attracted lots of positive reactions from social media.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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