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#OccupyBoGProtest: "We demanded presence of Governor not Head of Security" - Dr. Ato Forson

Minority Leader of Parliament, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson has described the failure of the Bank of Ghana Governor to meet and receive petition from protestors of the #OccupyBoGProtest as disrespectful.

He made these remarks while addressing a delegation dispatched by the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Addison to receive a petition from conveners.

Addressing the gathering, Minority Leader of Parliament, Dr. Ato Forson said "We demanded to present a petition to the governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Ghana, otherwise known as the Bank of Ghana"

"The governor has two deputies, namely deputy one and deputy two. Unfortunately, he has decided to disrespect us and his two deputies has also decided to disrespect us or not been here and receive our petition"

"We never said we are going to present a petition to the head of security or someone responsible for security with all due respect"

"Without recourse to Parliament, they have unilaterally written off Ghana cities being government debt. Let me say that all of this was done without parliamentary parliamentary approval"

"The fat printing of money is like an alcoholism, the good effect, or the perceived good effect comes immediately, but the hangover comes after the party"

"Governor Addison printed money to finance the champagne lifestyle of this President Akufo-Addo and Bawumia lifestyle on the budget"

"Today, our country is on its kneels, the Bank of Ghana will not accept it. The central bank of Ghana today is bankrupt. Technically, you are insolvent. You have a negative equity of 55.1 billion Ghana cedis"

"And the last one year of system billion Ghana cities. You have again projected to incur additional debt in the year 2023. And counting"

"We will not allow you going forward to disrespect us and mismanage the affairs of the people of Ghana. Bank of Ghana has indeed put 850,000 Ghanians down the poverty line"

"We will hold you accountable, particularly the governor. we are demanding his exit and now that he has decided to disrespect us not present our petition"

"We will go and come back again. We will come back here again. And we will come back and demand to see him in person. The crowd you seen is just the beginning. We will come back again"

"We'll come back again for him here. If he thinks that IMF is more important than the Parliament of Ghana. The IMF is more important than the people of Ghana because the people of Ghana are not IMF"

"Let him deal with IMF, we will come after him. We are not stopping. This is just the beginning"

"You have actually mismanaged the affairs of the central bank to have mismanaged the affairs of monetary policy"

"Today, our beloved country is on its kneels, you are not the one responsible and we will also say that, in summary, this governor and this bank of Ghana, led by Governor Addison has unilaterally has printed 80 billion without Parliamentary approval"

On his part, Director of Security at the Bank of Ghana, Winger Commander, Kwame Asare Boateng (Rtd) said "I want to congratulate you for the peaceful demonstration that you have conducted today"

"We were informed that you will be coming to present a petition to the governor, but the three governors as we speak are currently meeting the IMF and in a meeting, and there's nobody there"

"So the government has asked that I meet you and take the petition on his behalf and accordingly respond to the petition"

The over 8 hours demonstration drew some leaders of various political parties, Femal Headpotters (kayayei), youth and the elderly to join the convenors to call for the sack of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Addison.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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