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"Not all regions are in conflict in South Sudan" - Fmr. South Sudanese Ambassador to USA

Former South Sudanese Ambassador to the United States of America (USA), H. E. Philip Jada Natana has expressed worry over the halt in trade between the States and South Sudan following conflicts in some regions in the country.

According to him, there are conversation ongoing with authorities in the USA to rescind their decisions of leaving since not all areas have been affected by the conflict.

In an interview monitored by, he said "There are many areas in South Sudan that are peaceful, you can mention of 10 communities"


"Western Equatorial and south sudan is been mostly relatively peaceful, that is an agricultural area; thick forests with Equatorial climate so you can go there and start investing in agricultural so that other people in other areas who have got conflict with south sudan will know that there is something good"

Sharing his thoughts on humanitarian assistance, he said "Humanitarian assistance is what it is, it is an assistance. So if I always give you something, there is no partnership"


"The relationship is between a person who is dependent and a person who is giving"


"After a short time, there is no respect. If you trade with someone, you know that there is something that comes of benefit to you and equally goes there"


He stressed that for the world to be a fairer place, counties ought to treat others with respect and call one another partners.

He hammered that it will also depend on what will be brought to the table.


Speaking on exploring south sudan, a promising future beyond conflict, he further added "We should really have investment in trade between Africa and the united states. What we have been told is that doing trade or business is left with the individual and is not directed by government"


"But what we encounter is, we have all these travel advisories which is political"


"For south sudan, because of conflict and all of that; there is an advisory that it is not safe for americans to travel so I think that this is paradox for us whe we see things like that"

"For the American businessmen and women, when they advised against traveling back to south sudan or any part of the continent, they take the adise of the host government service and stay back and that sometimes really hampers the way we do business"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith  



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