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Nine Fined For Attacking Teachers At Ayinasin Methodist Basic School

The New Tafo-Akim Magistrate District Court has sentenced nine out of 11 accused persons who attacked three teachers at the Ayinasin Methodist Basic School to fines between 150 penalty units and 250 units.

The units when converted is between GH¢1,800 to GH¢3,000 .

Two other accused persons – who are juveniles – would have their case dealt with next two weeks after Social Welfare presents a social enquiry reports.

On Tuesday, July 26, the accused persons armed with clubs attacked three teachers of the Ayinasin Methodist Basic School and harrassed one of the teachers to kneel down as his punishment for accusing them of supplying drugs to the junior high school (JHS) students.

The teachers had detected the use of drugs identified as Diazepam by some pupils in the Ayinasin Methodist Junior High School.

Investigations revealed a pupil whose uncle owns a Chemical Shop in the community supplied the drugs to his junior high school mates.

An emergency PTA meeting on Wednesday, July 27 to deal with the matters arising was disrupted by the accused persons and others at large.

A case was made to the police on Monday, August 1, causing the arrest of the suspects for investigations.

Prosecutor of the case Detective Chief Inspector Barnabas Mends explained it was established that the Diazepam was a restricted drug which was not to be sold in a chemical shop.

The accused were remanded and put before court .

On Tuesday, August 9, seven of the accused were sentenced to fines of 150 penalty units each (GH¢1,800. Two others had 200 penalty units (GH¢2,400). The Chemical Shop owner had 250 penalty units (GH¢3000).

They have all been freed after their relatives paid their penalties.

The court would take a decision on the two juveniles next week.

Meanwhile, the Pharmaceutical Council has closed down the chemical shop for flouting regulations.

Teachers of the school left the court premises elated at the judgement.

Story by: Yvonne Neequaye



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