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"Nigerians encourage me to continue making contents, unlike some Ghanaians" – Jeffery Nortey

Content creator cum actor, Jeffery Nortey has opened up on how some Ghanaian do not appreciate his content creation.

Jeffery Nortey disclosed this during an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz.

According to him, it is not his intention to “step on toes”, but the truth is that, Nigerians appreciate his contents more than Ghanaians do.

“When the Nigerians come to my DM, they say things like ‘Omo, make you no shake, na we wey go blow you’. They appreciate what I’m doing, content in Nigeria is a big deal, a very big deal” Jeffery said.

He added that it is indeed not a joke when it comes to content creation in Nigeria.

He stressed that their efforts are evident on YouTube and the other platforms through which they share their contents.

"You see the support they give each other by appearing on upcoming content creator’s content to help them get the numbers. Jeffery’s thought is not far from the truth"

"On the contrary, the messages he gets from some Ghanaians are not encouraging" Jeffery added.

During the interview, he mentioned some of the comments from some Ghanaians that are demeaning.

Jeffery said; “So there was a post somewhere and there were lots of comments – positive comments. But one guy came and said ‘Really? You guys find Jeffery Nortey funny?"

Another comment he added goes like this; “Another person on YouTube said ‘I think you should learn from the Nigerians.’ In another video, the same person commented ‘I think you are copying the Nigerians’.”

As Jeffery mentioned, it is not his intention to “step on toes”. But the truth is still the truth, and a lot of content creators in Ghana can relate.

Jeffery also mentioned that, he started as an actor, but he was not getting the roles.

However, the fire in him was burning hot, and at the same time he was depressed by the lack of movie roles. Hence his decision to start creating contents.

“I started as an actor hoping that I’ll be shooting in movies, doing the drama thing and all that. But at a point, I was not getting gigs and I was super depressed. Not because of the money but it was the fire, it was burning so I needed to do something,” he said.

Jeffery Nortey has also featured on some movies as well as TV shows along side his content creation. In 2019, he won the Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Movie Awards.

Credit: Akunye Michael



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