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"My life experience tells me never to take anything for granted" - Dr. Bawumia

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia says his humbling life experience has taught him not to take things for granted in life. Addressing thousands of NPP members who stormed the headquarters of the NPP to support him for the filing and submission of nomination forms to contest the NPP flagbearership on Friday, Dr. Bawumia spoke of his life experiences as a child growing up in Sakasaka in Tamale, through to his academic and professional journey abroad and how these experiences have helped him to respect and care for people. "My life experience tells me never to take anything for granted and always to have respect for people no matter their stature in life ; no matter how big or how small they are," Dr. Bawumia said. "The cleaner or driver you meet today can be a Vice President or President tomorrow. I care about the poor, I care about the vulnerable and the excluded. I care about the Lepers, I care about the sick, the sickle cell sufferers and cancer patients, I care about the disabled, I care about the Kayayei, I care about street children, and I care about the unemployed amongst others. This is the true essence of life; to address the problems of the weakest among us and to help them lift themselves up." Highlighting what will be his own vision as President, Dr. Bawumia also spoke about his belief in the virtues of honesty and hardwork and how he has been honest and worked hard to assist President Akufo-Addo towards achieving his vision for Ghana. "I am not afraid of hard work. In fact, I enjoy hard work," said the Vice President. "My experience in life tells me that honesty and hard work pays. I worked hard for H.E. President Kufuor as Deputy Governor at the Bank of Ghana and I have worked hard as Vice President in assisting the President, H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, achieve his vision." "Together, we started the process of transforming Ghana into a country ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution. I brought honesty, hard work, dedication and discipline to my role as Vice President." He continued: "I also have my own vision for Ghana. I believe that it is time to move Ghana to the next level by building on the foundations we have put in place so far." Dr. Bawumia then shared a summary of his vision for Ghana and promised to elaborate on the vision in his Manifesto for the 2024 elections; indicating his confidence to emerge flagbearer of the NPP. The Vice President also shared with the ecstatic audience many other policies he intends to implement when elected President of Ghana. "Together with you, I want to see a Ghana where we leverage technology, data and systems for inclusive economic growth. I want to make Ghana the digital hub of Africa. I want us to bridge the digital divide and apply digital technology and artificial intelligence for the transformation of healthcare, education, and public service delivery amongst others." "Together with you, I want to see a Ghana where we cater and care for the the poor, vulnerable, excluded and sick people", he stated.




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