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MoH/Sanofi Ghana launch implementation of access to Diabetes care

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with Sanofi Ghana has launched an implementation of access to Diabetes care.

The launch was held at Methodist Presbyterian Church at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra on Wednesday.

Speaking at the MoH/Sanofi Ghana launch, Director of the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre (NDMRC), Dr. Yakoba Atiase said "This project will be two webinars, we'll look at the foundations of diabetes, we'll look at the hyperglycaemic emergencies"

"Then there will be a pretest where the mentor mentees will take a test. Then they will have the modules run and these are videos that they will watch them in between the videos, they'll be case discussions with the mentors. And after all this is said and done"

"There'll be another test to assess the uptake of our mentees in the project. In addition, there will also be additional contents, our mentees will have access to insulin pits, COVID slides or videos that we can share with our patients to you know, educate them on diabetes but importantly, and this is a summary of my site is exciting"

"Staff at the town will be the second of April 27 Doctor the recorder will be Marcy and take doctors from tamale. Dr. heritor efficient will take doctors in Somalia as well, myself, I'll be taking doctors from the political teaching hospital and the president of them sort of snuck on Apollo will also take doctors from Colombo teaching hospital that is not Oh"

She further noted that another aspect of this project is that Sanofi will make available insulin Triton at an affordable cost another fifths can correct me know if I'm wrong. insulin glargine will be found in the NHS when the project starts so our patients will have access to insulated lighter"

"This is to make insulin initiating. Easy. We all know anybody who's seen diabetes here that insulin initiating can be quite a daunting task when you have to start patients on insulin. But gliding is a once daily insulin is easy, has a low risk of hypoglycemia. And the uptake for glycogen is low"

"It has previously not been on the on NHS and so patients who were not, you know, financially stable couldn't afford it. So it's a very welcome news that initially it will now be on NHS and can be afforded by all in addition to this Sanofi is going to donate basic medical equipment to for sentence ABM machines, ECG machines, amongst others to call primary centres where this project is going to be taken."

"And finally, there's going to be a patient up on a smartphone that patients have access to watch and learn about diabetes care, which is very, very useful and very, very good"

"So the summary of a project in Ghana, I've said it all it's going to be in three regions but in four centres. There will be 170, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, trainee the idea of school of pharmacists at GPS will be trained particularly in insulin therapy, insulin initiation, there'll be a patient there will be donation or basic medical equipments to our facilities"

"And importantly, there'll be access to all patients of insulin driving on the NHS patients. At the end of it or helping out our mentees and our healthcare providers who partake in this course will be given a certificate like I said, Let's not certificate be the main thing. Let learning be the main thing. We are all this project"

"It is said that the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step as Dr. Baca was to you can see that the Ministry of Health has taken several steps in a few past few years to improve healthcare in NCDs particularly in diabetes. Mo use have been signed"

"That was because that the doctor who last year and here we had a big spotlight on diabetes in Ghana earlier this year. So many steps have been taken, but I believe that this is also an additional step that is taking us to our destination of 1000 Miles"

In an MoU which was signed in April this year, the country will also be able to purchase affordable high-quality Sanofi analogue insulin products for people living with diabetes.

The partnership also provides for the deployment of diabetes management solutions at diabetes centres in Accra, Sunyani and Tamale where 500 healthcare professionals would benefit from a targeted medical training programme.

In addition, Sanofi will co-develop a digital solution to help physicians, nurses, pharmacists and community healthcare workers to better support more than 5,000 people living with diabetes.

The Director of Technical Coordination at the MoH, Dr Baffour Awuah, disclosed that the project was targeted at strengthening delivery of the country’s non-communicable diseases policy.

“Sanofi is strengthening its long-standing commitment to improving access to diabetes care in low-and middle-income countries and underserved communities worldwide through a series of innovative partnerships with healthcare authorities in countries where comprehensive care has not previously been widely available,” he said.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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