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Ministry of Health secure funds to clear locked-up global fund commodities at Tema Port

The Ministry of Health has announced the successful acquisition of funds necessary to clear essential Global Fund commodities currently held at the Tema Port, including crucial tuberculosis (TB) medication.

This significant development promises to enhance the availability of vital medical supplies across Ghana.

The Ministry disclosed that it received a total of 283 containers of various health commodities through the Global Fund, detailed as follows: Mosquito Nets (ITNs): 272 containers, Pharmaceuticals (ARVs, HIV RDTs, and ACTs): 2 containers, TB Medication: 1 container and Medical Devices and Equipment (TB cartridges): 8 containers.

The total number of containers stands at 283. To facilitate the clearance process, the Ministry, with support from the Ministry of Finance, initially secured auction chits for 219 containers, leaving 64 containers pending clearance due to outstanding third-party charges totaling GHC 7,429,694.39.

In a concerted effort to address this challenge, the Ministry of Health requested additional support from the Ministry of Finance.

This request was met with a positive response, resulting in the allocation of GHC 7,429,694.39.

These funds are earmarked for the payment of demurrage fees, enabling the clearance of the remaining 64 containers, which include the essential TB medication, additional mosquito nets, and associated third-party charges.

The Ministry of Health has assured the public that with these funds now secured, all outstanding containers will be cleared by the end of June 2024.

This development is critical in ensuring the timely distribution of these essential health commodities to various regions across the country, thereby bolstering public health efforts.

In light of this progress, the Ministry calls on Ghanaians and stakeholders to remain patient as the clearance and delivery processes are finalized.

The prompt availability of these commodities is expected to significantly enhance the fight against TB, HIV, malaria, and other health challenges.

The Ministry of Health reiterates its steadfast commitment to the well-being of all Ghanaians.

By ensuring the provision of high-quality healthcare services, programs, and policies, the Ministry continues to strive towards a healthier Ghana.

This funding breakthrough underscores the importance of effective inter-ministerial collaboration in overcoming logistical challenges and enhancing public health infrastructure.

As the Ministry works towards the swift clearance of these vital supplies, the positive impact on healthcare delivery across Ghana is anticipated to be substantial.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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